Friday, May 22, 2015

Letter From Israel


Oh dear...

This has been a moderately horrible year for me; one of accidents and incidents (thanks, Paul) and not much fun. Not quite as bad as the annus horribilis suffered by Queen Elizabeth and Buckingham Palace—not to mention Princess Diana—but close. 

Last August, almost on my way home from Australia, I fell.  I never was far from being a total klutzit but this time it was serious:  Two ruptured discs, a dislocated shoulder and a partridge in a pear tree.  Couldn’t write, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t even imagine a pain-free existence.  And arriving home just before the High Holydays was a hoot.  Every medical request was answered with the same phrase:  After the holidays.  It was almost a month before someone would say Let’s see…can you come in on November 28th?

Socialised medicine is great.  Costs a farthing; without the profit motive people are happy to help but holy cow it took a long time to find the guy who does the best acupuncture (it worked); receive an appointment with the physiotherapist (she helped) and try to get back to normal.  And here I am.

Politically, we’re on the edge of a precipice and everyone knows it.  Bibi made his Likudniks sign a paper saying they wouldn’t vote against him.  Is this democracy?  I don’t think so. 

Avigdor Lieberman is turning out to be the wild man of the bunch, waiting until the end to be assigned his role in the new government and then saying No thanks.  I just love that—he could have continued as Foreign Minister, become the Finance Minister or just about anything he fancied but he has other plans.  Don’t know what they are but I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering about the man who pulled off the biggest kick-in-the-butt that Bibi has ever experienced—and the sound of sniggering was heard throughout the land.   

A recent article in Haaretz proclaimed that Arieh Deri is the only dove in the new government.  That’s nice.  But will he keep his hands out of the till?  There are countries which prohibit people who have 'done time' from taking government posts.  I wonder why Israel doesn’t have that law…

I also wonder why people pick on the New Israel Fund.  I worked with them years ago and found them upright, forthright and so on.  Perhaps it was just early days in Israel when I couldn’t identify right from left if I tried; maybe they’ve changed their operating philosophy ere since.  Happens.  Actually, it wouldn’t have mattered if they were flaming Communists (peace, Americans)—my job was to write grant proposals and obtain funding for a brand-new school for gifted students.  It worked.

Updates to follow. 

Racism Alert


Is it racist to expect Muslims to show the same compassion for people in desperate distress as the rest of us?

Of course it is.

ALA calls on rich Gulf States to step up

We have criticised PM Tony Abbott on issues like failing to identify the cause of our security problems (he struggles to use the words Muslims or Islam) and on saying Australians are OK with halal. But on this issue he is correct.
Bill Shorten on the other hand has called for the Government to "engage" on the issue, whatever that means.

Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand have refused entry and pushed back boats. Some have abandoned their journey and returned to Myanmar's western Arakan state.

UNHCR is making statements. US has said it will take some as part of an international effort.

But if these are genuine refugees fleeing persecution, why is there not an international outcry for the wealthy Muslim states, particularly the Gulf states like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar etc to help their brethren? They don't lack space, they don't lack funds.

There is an international precedent: Israel will accept Jewish migration from any situation in which Jews are persecuted and recently made a call to French Jews suffering anti-Semitic attacks from increasingly violent French Muslims.

There are 56 member states of the OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) who have the capacity to offer safe harbour to their brethren.

The question must be asked loudly why they do not do so and why every effort is made to deflect this problem to western countries.
So this is where our PM falls short - he and other leaders should make such a call.

An Acehnese fisherman, lower left, help migrants to transfer to his boat on the sea off East Aceh, Indonesia on Wednesday, May 20, 2015.


Migrants on a packed wooden boat wait to be rescued off the coast of Malta on May 3, 2015.

Report in Sydney Morning Herald is here:

From Uncommon Sense

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Read My Lips


How many times does the world need to hear this before it dawns on Obama and Europe that these addled brained reptilian minded mothers of lunatic sleazy fanatics are not stupid and they mean exactly what they say?

This is a poisonous ideology. Poisonous ideology is the most dangerous threat to the planet and its people by a country mile. Climate change isn't even in the race. A puppy in need of house training.  

In other news, a new generation of Israeli ‘human rights organizations has emerged over the years  that work for the Arab "right of return" to all of Israel, permanent residential status for illegal immigrants from Africa and the provision of the most strident anti-Israel propaganda and in particular specializing in the manufacture of anonymous libels and slurs aimed at demonizing the Israeli military.

A feature of this? The extraordinary extent of foreign funding.

Huge amounts are contributed to these organizations from countries and state-like entities such as the UN and the EU, as well as from the New Israel Fund. Many more millions have been funneled by European governmentally-related NGOs, funded by their respective governments.

There is simply no parallel to this extent of intervention by foreign countries in the public activities of a democratic country anywhere else in the world.

Give This Man A Fifteen Year Deal


An official close to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei asserted that his government has a godly ordained right to annihilate Israel, Al Arabiya reported on Tuesday.
The “government of the Islamic Republic of Iran has divine permission to destroy Israel,” said Mojtaba Zolnour, a Khamenei representative in the elite Revolutionary Guards.
According to semi-official state news agency Fars, Zolnour said that, “the Noble Koran permits the Islamic Republic of Iran to destroy Israel.” He added that, “Even if Iran gives up its nuclear program, it will not weaken this country’s determination to destroy Israel.”
This is by no means the first time that Iranian political or military officials have threatened Israel with destruction.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Racist Heart


An old video but still catchy and true and it is important to keep Greens voters aware that there is a real issue with this party that can't be shrugged off with a few glib, comfortable, self indulgent furphies about "Palestinians" and "Settlers" as if this was a 1940's Western full of Cowboys and Indians.

And the bit players.

This video  is about four years old. Since then we've had Libya, Iraq and Syria. Tunisia, Iran, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Yemen. Gaza. Lebanon, Sudan, Darfur and Nigeria.  Again and again . Round after round. Missiles, attack tunnels and terrorism. War, murder, kidnapping and genocide. 

It can't all be Israel's fault. It is anti-Arab racism to say it is.

It is also appropriate right now because the British branch of the Greens franchise has just declared as policy the cancellation of EU trade arrangements with Israel. Cool. Lift the sanctions on Iran.  No racism there.

Take any opportunity to confront Australians with what this is about. A charge of racism is a serious one. It should cause some reflection especially when it comes from people with good cause to know what they are talking about.

We know that leftists throw allegations of racism around like confetti but that is because of the type of people they are. Loose allegations of racism are contemptible.

No need for the rest of us to deprave the standard.  On the contrary it is more reason than ever to confront those who project their easy, lazy, bigotry on to the rest of us.

Who do the Greens side with in those old black and white films of theirs? Who do they hate. The Cowboys or the Indians? The Blacks, the Mexicans, the Chinese or the Jews? 

It doesn't really matter. Like the old Westerns this is racist to all. It is equal opportunity racism, perhaps the Greens most celebrated and jealously guarded  achievement. Their highest value. Back to the forties.

This is because they are progressives.

Hat tip Daphne Anson  .

Friday, April 17, 2015

The UN Is The Greatest Single Threat To World Peace


The UN has declared that Israel is the number one violator of women's rights in the world.

Tim Blair sees this all makes perfect sense.

It helps to understand this when you know that Iran is a sponsor of the declaration. Spare the rocks and spoil the woman.

And really you don't want to know about Iran's and the UN's idea of Gay rights.