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The Conversation, fed by filthy great slabs of Australian taxpayers money, doesn't have the guts to hear what I have to say.

Apparently I'm immoderate and anonymous. Is there any doubt who I am? That I might have a genuine concern to protect my family? 

 Yet they publish the views of professional antisemitic activists and other cowards such as Antony Loewenstein without so much as a look in the rear view mirror. They ain't heard half of it yet.

They "welcome debate and dissent".

Bullshit they do. Only if you are a Jew basher.

Moses Was The First Zionist


This is courtesy of our dear friend, Rita. Passover is the festival of liberation. National liberation. There is nothing at all that is new about Zionism. It is tremendously important especially at a time like now when the storm clouds are once again on the horizon, green with envy, hate and hail, we remember that we have genuine friends. Friends that we can count on. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Breaking: Racist Murder of Jews in Kansas (Updated)


A Kansas state trooper at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City in Overland Park.

Suspected white supremacist held in Kansas Jewish center shootings

52 minutes ago
OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Three people were shot to death Sunday at two Jewish community facilities here after a man in his 70s opened fire, authorities said. The gunman was believed to be a longtime white supremacist.
As the suspect was taken into custody, he appeared to shout "Heil Hitler" as a local TV crew filmed his arrest.
The shootings took place on the eve of the Jewish holiday of Passover, which begins at sundown Monday.
Although officials refused to identify the suspect, a Johnson County sheriff's database reported that Frazier Glenn Cross, 73, had been arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder Sunday and was being held without bail. According to court records, Cross is a name used by Frazier Glenn Miller Jr. 
Miller is an avowed white supremacist who "has been in the movement all his life," the Southern Poverty Law Center said in a statement. The center, which tracks white supremacists, said it had confirmed the link between Cross and Miller in a phone conversation with...

continued here


Not a mention of this on the ABC news. Not in any edition. Dead Jews are no news as far as the gutless and bigoted Left is concerned.

Imagine the screaming headlines if this was a group of blacks murdered by a Nazi in the US. Don't even think about the hysteria if it were innocent Muslims going about their business who were the victims of this terrible crime.

The Australian Left is the natural  home of the Australian bigot.  Try not to think about what they will say and do when a crime like this comes to Australia.

Does This Look Like A Man Under Unhealthy Pressure From A Disproportionately Powerful Lobby?


He should know

Bob Carr famously complained to the ALP caucus while in government about what was he expected to say about Israel the next time he was speaking from the steps of the Lakemba Mosque. 

Where else would you make a major policy statement affecting Israel and the Jews?

He could have kept his mouth shut I suppose given that his audience would have included supporters of Hezbollah and the PLO whose opinions about what should be done about Israel and the Jews would not suffer from ambivalence at least when expressed in private. Prominently it would have included the Mufti of Australia who was about to lead a delegation of Australian Muslims to Gaza to demonstrate solidarity with Hamas.

Instead he chose to say this.

   ” I’ve been to Ramallah, I’ve spoken to the Palestinian leadership, and we support their aspirations to have a Palestinian state in the context of a Middle East of peace. And that means respect for the right of Israel to exist. But we want that Palestinian state to exist, in the context of a peace in the Middle East, and that’s why we say, unequivocally, all settlements on Palestinian land are illegal under international law and should cease. That is the position, of Kevin Rudd, the position of the Federal Labor Government, and we don’t make apologies for it.”

Carr knows that the unanimous opinion of those with the power over the "Palestinians", and their supporters in the Middle East, is that all the land between the river and the sea is "Palestinian land" and that all of Israel is one big "illegal settlement". Carr knows that even the "moderates", if they can bring themselves to talk about Israel having a "right to exist" at all, for the benefit of a foreign audience only, mean an Israel that does not have sovereignty over its own borders or population. An interim step to swamping the Jewish population and once again subjecting it to dhimmitude, expulsion or death as is required by a political culture that demands subjugation and submission even of its own people.

Fat chance. 

This is why the Palestinian polities and those of almost all Arab Muslim countries and Iran are tyrannies. They always have been in one form or another.

Carr knows this. And yet it is the Jews living in Jerusalem and Judea, even in that tiny area that has been ear marked for Israel,  who are "illegal". 

Is this a man who was under an unhealthy pressure to signal to the world that Australia had jumped camps on the question of the Jews and their right to live peacefully and lawfully even in Jerusalem or in that tiny spit of land in Judea that will be part of Israel under any realistic two state solution? 

Very likely.  But there is something else in this picture.

From this angle this is  a man who looks and sounds very much like any other common garden variety bigot. The world is full of them. Either you resist them or you go along with them. That depends on what kind of a future you want for the world. 

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Not The Best Time To Be A Friend Of Israel And The Jews

                                   Is there ever a good time?

Harder to stick up for Israel and the Jews than you could possibly imagine


A great article by Andrew Bolt that deserves to be read carefully by the Australian Jewish community and its leadership. Even if it is only to observe the ancient Jewish tradition of doing your absolute best to not make the same mistake twice.

Andrew Bolt


Many of Australia’s most prominent Jews face a terrible reality that I’ve warned about for almost a decade: the natural home of the anti-Jewish bigot is now the Left. Too many prominent Jewish intellectuals here have pampered their enemy.

Spigelman: My father was a bit of a lefty from his Polish days because Jews in Poland tended to be on the left ‘cause all the anti-Semites were then on the right. That’s exactly the reverse today.

Throsby: Is it?
And, right on time, former Labor foreign minister Bob Carr takes the stage.
Carr is not an anti-Semite, but his views on the Jewish lobby are absurd and dangerously close to an anti-Semitic trope: 

The Australian Jewish community did this brave friend a grave disservice by not speaking out in his defence against even the most vile attacks on his integrity and reputation during the section 18C action brought against him, no matter what you might think about the underlying issue.

The treatment of "light skinned" aborigines who identify as aboriginal is one issue.  Bolt was just plain wrong and offensive and he deserved to be told and why. He deserved to be told comprehensively and in detail.

But I don't recall that happening.  Instead we got this 18 C prosecution that was allowed to carry the perception at least of being very much a Jewish affair. 

I still recall the shock at the shrillness and the severity of the attack on Bolt and what was said in the opening address to the court. Almost hysterical. I honestly remember thinking that at least the judge is Jewish too. He will know that this is way over the top and even more offensive than what Bolt said. He will throw this thing out. 

Not a bit of it as we now know.  

These guys must really hate Bolt. The Green/Commo/Left has always hated Bolt that again borders on hysteria and a large part of the reason for that is that Bolt is a friend of Israel and the Jews. 

How much of this attack on Bolt was politically motivated in  any case? All of it? The Ugly Left hates Bolt and really really hates Murdoch and News Limited and for them this was an opportunity to ping the bastards big time.

Don't Want Him To Have The Last Word?

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Don't hang out waiting for my donation fellas.  It will be a thirsty day in hell before that happens.

And so now the communal leadership is about to lose 18 C for the Jews and all the others who need it and it will be replaced with something that is designed to ensure that a Bolt prosecution will never happen again. 

These things depend on perceptions. You can be certain there is little sympathy in  conservative circles  for a community asking for protection against even the most sinister of Holocaust deniers even when there are still survivors among us and when there is also a perception that this is a community that does not even stand by its own friends even when one of them has just been vilified in open court in an attack that itself bordered on Holocaust denial. 

And especially when there is a perception in some places that it was mainly a Jewish driven thing anyway. 

Now a certain creepy former politician with an unsavoury reputation has just alleged that when he was foreign minister, Middle East foreign policy was sub-contracted to Melbourne based parties acting for the Jews and who control the party when it comes to issues about Israel and "Palestine" through a system of coercion involving donations and intimidation. They even have there own faction in the party. And the creep is actually given credibility.      

Not a great era in the history of the Melbourne community in particular. After all this is the city of the Melbourne Age which is not past publishing antisemitic cartoons. Friends like Bolt are not as common on the ground as you might wish. That is because it takes courage. 

As Bolt has suggested there are lessons to be learned by Australian Jews and their leadership from this affair. And one of them surely is that if your friends are under attack then you stick by them. Especially if he is being vindictively attacked with real malice at least in part by a political class that seriously hates Bolt in large measure because he is such a good friend of Israel and the Jews.  

It is a good thing the Jewish community has such a powerful and far reaching "Lobby" acting in its interests. It would be in deep dreck if it did not.  

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Letter From Israel

 elinor        אלינור   


Home Invasion

To begin with—not at the beginning, but closer to the front of this story—when I first married, I became a second wife.  In the flush of a brand-new (re)marriage, my then husband bought me jewellery.  Not much, but ‘good stuff’.  Amongst this stuff was a lovely jade pin, surrounded by diamonds.  Definitely good stuff.  Earrings followed, then more pins and earrings, although not of the same calibre. 

When my father died he left me his key chain, a lovely piece of braided gold, and his pinkie ring which, it seems, had a diamond of some significance in it.  More good stuff.

Everywhere I schlepped my jewels, from Montreal to Florida to Montgomery, Alabama back to Florida to Jerusalem to Melbourne, Australia and back to Israel, there were available bank safety deposit boxes to hire.  My only worry was bank safety deposit box robberies. 

I’d had just one experience with losing stuff, when I lived in Florida.  Eventually every building in the south, certainly up to the time I abandoned ship, became infested with termites.  Termites require poison, and the professionals know exactly how to do that.  Every living thing has to be removed from the residence—people, animals, fish, plants, whatever.  A giant tent is created, actually sewn together to suit, which covers the entire building. 

The individual apartments must be left unlocked so that the gas can escape after all the termites are dead.  Someone has the job of opening the apartment front doors at the appropriate time and once, a robber or two followed a door or two behind, scooping up the best of jewel boxes, small appliances and such.  It seems that the door-opener person either never looked behind him, or was one of the gang. 

I will never forget seeing the contents of my jewel box spread in a wide semi-circle on my bedspread.  Only the good pieces were missing, amongst which was my father’s keychain.  Ah, well.  These things are not given to us in perpetuity.

All that took place circa 1975.  Years later I was living in Israel, where the feeling of trust has lasted much longer than in other ‘more civilised’ countries where I’ve lived.  Doors used to be left open; windows still are.  And so, when I invited two of my grandsons to have a falafel dinner with me at the corner, I did not go around closing windows and locking them, did I.

We were gone for about half an hour.  In fact, the excursion was extended by about 10 minutes because I insisted that the falafel place up the street also served schwarma (which I prefer) and the boys said it didn’t.  So we walked up a few blocks, confirmed that the boys were absolute right and returned to the falafel place nearest home. 

Exiting the lift, I stopped short at the open door to the flat.  Didn’t I lock the door? I asked the boys, who assured me that I did.  Trusting their young memories, I stepped into the flat to see every kitchen cupboard door open.

I stood in the hallway with my jaw hanging.  Wait here, said the bigger grandson (a champion MMA fighter because he’s larger than all his less courageous age-suitable opponents, who decline to fight him).  I never had the sense to say Don’t go in, let’s call the cops from here, but there was no one else in the flat. 

After awhile the police wandered by to see why we rang.  The boys asked, Why did you take so long to get here?  Well, there were two other robberies, one at #16—we’re at #20—and one on the street behind us, all unpleasantly recent, like our own.  We later found out that there are now organised gangs of criminals who drive into our town at sunset, burgle a series of flats and leave directly.

But I’ll tell you what I’m beginning to understand: Criminal profiling.  In the weeks that followed the break-in, instead of dwelling on my losses, I began to think about how this invasion was carried out.

Most notable was the window entry into the main bedroom, which is on the street side.  Interesting choice, because there are windows which open onto the shaded driveway side.

However, there is a building element—a narrow bar about 25 cm square—which goes from under the balcony to under the main bedroom and though the invaders could easily be seen by neighbours leaving/entering the building, why would anyone look up?  So, climbing onto the roof of a handily parked car, the thieves must have swung up onto the bar, kneeled on the window sill (knee marks can still be seen), slid back the shutters (which didn’t lock) and the window (which didn’t lock either) and entered the room.  There is about a hand-space between safety and knocking over a fragile lamp. The invader must have been quite slim.  According to the police, s/he opened the front door to an accomplice, then locked it against any other entry.

They did virtually no damage, despite my having to spend a week making order in the flat after they left.  The only damage I noted was a tiny loop in my empty jewel case, torn in the haste to grab anything that might be of value.  It had held a 1950s collar pin which will probably come back into style someday—remember them?  Awkward and uncomfortable, they went into the collar, under the tie and back out through the collar.  But apart from that, anything that once held jewellery was left behind, empty, unzipped and unharmed—ready for another lifetime of collecting valuables.  No way.

Some cupboards were rifled, a few drawers opened, not wasting time on closing them.  One drawer, known to be sticky, was kicked out of whack.  I often felt like doing that too.

My closet, the mother lode, no hanging space, just shelves.  Except for the one shelf that held cosmetic articles left completely untouched, the contents of every other shelf had been swept onto the floor, a space of not quite a square meter.  I try to imagine the sequence:  Top shelf first?  Unlikely shelves last?  Delve, then shove? 

Every box was opened and dumped.  The contents of my MEMORABILIA box, which held mostly papers, were scattered liberally.  No Latin students in attendance.

Cash, put aside in different places for different purposes, was gone.  They found it all.  The kitchen freezer, a popular location for hiding stuff, seemed untouched.  How did they know there was no reason to unload it? 

When I contemplated the missing jewellery I wondered:  Is there a small, portable metal detector available on the market?  Their skills were admirable.  It’s as though they knew where I kept the important stuff and all other effort at finding it was pro forma.

Gotta admit, I’m angry.  My pearl ring—too big after I’d lost some weight, but a real favourite—gone.  They could have left me something...

On the other hand, the feeling of relief was undeniable.  Not having to worry about this happening, to start with, then the freedom of not carrying my jewels from pillar to post any further. 

The home alarm system is being installed as we speak.   

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Israel Bashing, Lyons Lying and Antisemitic Denialism


Can I say I have never liked John Lyons, the long time resident anti-Israel, anti-Zionist, antisemitic denying journalist at The Australian?   I don't think it is just what he writes that revolts me. There is something about his face. There is something about him that raises hairs and sends a shiver down the spine.  As I have read pretty much everything he has written in quite a few years I am certain he does not give a damn whether I like him or not. He would reckon he has done his jobWe should be grateful for small mercies I suppose. At least at The Australian there is only the one. At ABC/Fairfax they drop from the trees like coconuts.

In this morning's The Weekend Australian there is perhaps the most mendacious attack on Israel and Australian Jews I have ever read. You need to read his piece before reading on.  This is something you have to do yourself.  For saying that, I have not a shadow of doubt that Lyons would accuse me of accusing him of being an antisemite. That is the way people like Lyons operate. They want to dismiss criticism of them with what can only be described as the pre-emptive offensive denial. We have all seen this. The denial of something that has not been alleged. They always do that.  

For the record Lyons has never been accused of antisemitism by any Australian Jewish group or to my knowledge any Jewish person. This has however been strongly inferred by Greg Sheridan, also of The Australian, about an ABC 4 Corners program that Lyons fronted in a very rare joint venture between News Limited and the ABC.  Sheridan is probably the finest Australian journalist of his generation and as it happens an observant Catholic.

Lyons is an antisemitic pre-emptive denier. The world is full of them. It is about time they stood up for what they believe. Seriously, what do they believe is the best out come for the Israel/Arab conflict?

Lyons has numerous questions that he demands of the Israelis but has not a shred of respect for what is asked of him. People like him never have. Here are just a few questions for him.

  • Why is it that in the many years of writing about this relatively minor conflict, in terms of lives lost and land at issue,  you have never mentioned Arab Muslim violent antagonism to Israel as the Jewish state as perhaps something that might be close to  the root of the problem? Not even once?
  • Do you accept that the Jewish state is a legitimate expression of the general human aspiration and within any reasonable definition of human rights at this point in time and space? Yes or no? If yes, why have you never said so?
  • When you complain about the treatment of "Palestinian" "children" why is that you never mention the truth that Arab Muslim kids in Judea and Samaria, what you call the West Bank, are the safest Arab kids in the Middle East outside of Israel? You boast about how close you are to the scene. In terms of freedom from violence, war and oppressive cultural structures and access to health, education, housing and free social services, these kids you cry for get it better than all the rest. Surely you must have observed this? Why have you never written about it?
  • Do you seriously expect anyone but the most disgusting racist to believe that IDF soldiers strung an Arab Muslim kid from a "cross like structure" while "interrogating" him? Do you believe this evil and deeply untrue slander? Have you any idea of the meaning of the phrase "blood libel"? Do you accept that you are a retailer of blood libels by not even making the slightest effort to verify these mangy lies before writing about them as if this has in all of history ever happened?  
  • Do you accept the truth that the overwhelming majority of Israelis would cede land for peace in an instant if they could be confident it was a genuine deal? You must know this fact. Why do you never mention it?
  •  Do you have any idea how Arab kids are treated in the rest of the Arab world?  Not to mention the women. Can you explain please that when pontificating on the moral standards of other countries you have never once mentioned the vile bigoted racist sexist treatment that prevails over the Arab/Muslim world, and Iran, that might fairly be engaged in the struggle for human progress and civilisation?
  • Why are you so insistent that the "settlements" are "illegal" when in fact the overwhelming consensus of informed legal opinion is that they are not:"? 
  • Do you believe that a Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria is an obstacle to peace? Why?
  • What are you afraid of when you ignore all of these things and instead attack the Jews? Do you think the Jews are a threat to you?
  • What would you have Israel do? Withdraw unilaterally to the the Green Line? Out with it please. What do you want the Jews of Israel and Australia to do in the face of all this medieval ideology which most of all afflicts the Arab world ? Out with it please. Be specific.   

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